About Johnny Kink and KinkChicks.com

Here are some reasons to join!

KinkChicks.com is the website for the famous Kinkster POV brand of insanely creative fetish clips. My name is Johnny Kink and I love bringing you the HOTTEST and sexiest women in the world performing just for you - in extremely KINKY fashion, of course! I have been told I have a very unique style of filming and that my interaction with the Ladies brings out the best (and dirtiest) in them. I concentrate on making these clips SEXY - bringing the Women to you in a way that is different from most of the other clip selling places you may have seen. I have placed very good samples on this site to help you make a good decision, but if you ever need anything, just email the support address on the site and I will be happy to answer for anything you need. Come on in, friend!


KinkChicks.com is unlike any member area you have seen before so I'm happy to explain it to you. Here's the way it works - there IS no member area for KinkChicks.com! Everyone can see what I have to offer at any time - you don't have to guess what is behind the curtain before you decide to become a member - it's all right here for you to view. Unlike normal memberships, we are NOT an All-You-Can-Eat type site - This is a hybrid style site for clip buyers that want them at a lower price but are willing to commit to a monthly membership in order to get these low, low prices compared to buying each clip individually. Also, you will notice on the network tab that you can always use any credit you have with me on any site I am associated with - and there are a LOT. What this means is, you will always have new, fresh, exclusive videos to download.

Stop for a minute and consider the value on offer here: 1.) Clips at lower than normal prices, 2.) The ability to download clips from other sites besides mine, 3.) Constant updates from all affiliated fetish clip providers, 4.) The award winning best service in adult site processing, and... 5.) MY CLIPS! They are extraordinary and will definitely keep you coming back for more. I don't say this lightly...in fact, I hate to brag, but I want you to see them - they really are THAT good. I'm here for your suggestions, too! Fire them off to me and I bet I can get them done!

Take a look at the free fetish video samples I have put on this site for you and see if we are a match - if you buy KINKY clips, then look no further. I have lots to offer and I will keep making more as long as all of you guys keep supporting my efforts! With great respect, I invite you to JOIN NOW!